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LED sunflower heat sink

LED sunflower heat sink

As a lighting tool widely used in modern life and favored by users, LED light has been applied in the fields of life lighting, commercial lighting, industrial lighting, agricultural lighting and medical lighting due to its characteristics of stable lighting, energy saving, environmental protection and soft light. And in the high power LED light we often see the appearance of sunflower shape aluminum shell, also known as round heat sink, many people think this aluminum shell is only decorative effect, in fact this aluminum shell has a lot of use.

Precisely the so-called refined, well-made aluminum shell is not only for the visual eye-catching, it also serves as an important part of the LED lights.The industry name is LED heat sink, is specialized to help the LED light cooling tools.

Although LED lights on the functions and features more superiority than traditional lighting, but it also needs to break the cooling problem, when work, LED light produces high quantity of heat, heat once not dispersed in time it will deteriorate the LED lighting environment, affect the LED lighting brightness, even threatening the service life of LED lights, while LED aluminum heat sink enclosure can help LED lights for efficient heat dissipation.

LED light dimension appearance each is not identical, want to install heat sink to be able to look for corresponding manufacturer to undertake custom-made, and the LED sunflower heat sink on market is used to design the sun flower with clever bright eye on appearance, this can not be to enhance beautiful degree, LED heat sink manufacturer is from dispersing heat the performance respect will undertake considering. LED lights are not usually designed to be large in size, but the heat generated by high power LED lights is indeed huge, and to configure LED heat sinks to match the size of LED lights 

LED sunflower heat sinks are formed by aluminum die casting technology to form fins of the same size, spacing and accuracy, so that they look like sunflowers in appearance. LED sunflower heat sink design is not only to increase the contact area with LED light heat source, can absorb more heat in a short time, but also to increase the convection area between LED sunflower heat sink and air, so that the heat sink can quickly spread heat to the air, to ensure that LED light can have a safe and stable working environment.

Lori professional custom processing LED sunflower heat sink , set the needs of customers, their own expertise, precision casting high end LED sunflower heat sink .

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