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     The wind power converter is an exciting device added to the rotor side of the doubly-fed wind turbine. By exciting the rotor of the doubly-fed asynchronous wind turbine, the converter makes the amplitude, frequency and phase of the output voltage of the stator side of the doubly-fed generator the same as that of the power grid, and the active and reactive power can be independently decoupling according to the needs. Converter control of doubly-fed asynchronous wind turbine realizes soft grid-connection, and reduces the adverse effect of grid-connection impulse current on motor and power grid. The heat loss of wind turbines with high-power converters is huge, and the heat output is more than tens of kilowatts. The secondary cooling equipment of the water-cooled converter - the water or wind heat converter is placed outside the tower cylinder, and the heat emitted by the converter is carried to the heat exchanger using the water medium, and the air outside the tower cylinder is heat exchange, and the heat is distributed outside the tower cylinder, and the temperature rise effect will not be generated on the air inside the tower cylinder. The air-cooled converter is installed in a space, relatively closed tower barrel, due to large operating losses, cooling medium (air) temperature. Relatively high temperature will cause the local space temperature of the converter to be too high, which will seriously affect the normal operation of the converter. Therefore, the stable operation of the wind power converter directly affects the stability of the power grid. How to ensure the normal operation of the wind power converter, heat dissipation and cooling is an indispensable link.

     Lori is rooted in the research and development of heat dissipation in the field of new energy wind power. In the field of wind power converters, Lori has strategic cooperation with many domestic and foreign wind power converters to provide reliable cooling solutions and technical support for wind power converters, inverters, motors, etc. Lori realizes thermal design and thermal simulation of heat dissipation systems to heat sinks. The production integration and overall service requirements of water cooling plate have been widely praised by wind power customers.

Wind Power Converter Heat Sink Products Center

For the heat dissipation requirements of wind power converters, Lori Technology can provide reliable cooling solutions and technical support for wind power converters, inverters and motors according to customer requirements. The main heat sink is the heat sink with heat pipe spatula teeth.

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