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Manufacturing Capabilities

 Heat sink manufacturing capability

Lori is a heat sink manufacturer offering standard and custom thermal solutuions for global market. Industrils include power supply, LED lighting, medical devices, transportation, computer, consumer,telecom, solar, laser devices, amplifer Industrial contol, Defense electronices and aerospace. Our main business are manufacture heat pipe heat sink, led heat sink, liquid cold plate, zipper fin heat sink, skived and stitched fin heat sink, friction stir welded heat sink, extruded heat sink, cold forged heat sink and so on. Lori has more than 11 years in manufacturing heat sink products, and we have professional heat sink researching and develop capability and advantages, production team, rigorous production process, equipped with advanced production facilities, such as CNC ,Soldering ,Friction welding,stamping ,skiving ,die-casting machines for heat sink manufacture. Meanwhile, Lori also have passed ISO9001:2015,ISO14001:2015 certification, have enough ability to provide  customer with high quality custom heatsink products  and Large-scale production capacity.

01 Heat sink researching and developing capability

We are a thermal solution provider and heatsink manufacturer, our thermal engineering teams have rich knowledge of heat dissipation,diversified heat sink manufacturing techniques and extensive engineering expertise. We can help you solve your cooling challenges, and provide your high performance and efficiency thermal solution and heat sink products, we specialize in providing rapid prototyping and design services for heat sink.

Our r & d capabilities as below:

(1) Our factory have thermal design ,physical design and process engineering team with more than ten years experience in the thermal field. 

(2)Software packages that are often used by Lori Thermal's thermal management engineers as the following:

Design software: AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Creo. 

Electronics cooling software: Flotherm  Icepak  EFDesign

Liquid cooling software:Ansys

Analytical software:Qfin

Structural mechanics software:Ansys

02Heat sink researching and developing advantages

Our factory can provide thermal analysis, simulation calculation,sample test, quick prototyping and thermal solution to you for free. and our custom heat sink customization process is as follows.

03Rigorous heatsink production process

Lori has established more than 11 years in manufacturing heat sink products, Lori are highly experienced and have innovative technique in heat sink manufacturing. We have devoted ourselves to provide the high-quality and efficient service to the local and international customer who engage in electronic appliance equipment, etc. Nowadays, lori has cooperated with many local famous customer and kept the good relationships as long-term, and it results in that we are positioned as the top heat sink manufacturer in China compared with the other heat sink suppliers.

04Advanced Heatsink Production Facilities

For years, our team has endeavored to apply the best engineering knowledge and skills in manufacturing all types heat sink for use in natural convection applications. In order to provide large heat sink manufacturing capabilities as well as custom heat sink designs aggressively, our factories are equipped with many advanced facilities and high technique. such as CNC, Friction welding, Stamping, Soldering, Skiving Machine, etc, It brings us a good yield in heat sink production and will be satisfactory to our customers on both competitive price and short delivery lead time.

Lori provides comprehensive techniques for large-scale heat sink manufacturing

Resource integration to reduce the cost of procuring heat sink components

Shipments by complete sets of products so as to reduce the costs during various stages of packing, transportation, and production.

Professional supply chain management team to guarantee stable heatsink supplies

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