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Custom Copper 6 Heat Pipe Cpu Cooler Cooling Heatsink System

Custom Copper 6 Heat Pipe Cpu Cooler Cooling Heatsink System

Heat pipe cpu cooler
Brand Name
Model Number
Place of Origin
Shenzhen, China (Mainland)
Carton, Blister tray, Wooden pallet
Computer Case
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Shipped in 7-15 days after payment
Quality Guarantee
1 year
Place of Origin:Shenzhen, China (Mainland)OEM:Yes
Material:Aluminum zipper fin+ heat pipe+Aluminum base Shape:Square
Packing:Carton and wooden palletBrand Name:
Application:laptop cpu, led
Certificate:ISO 9001:2015,ISO 14001:2015
Model Number:LR-0030Tolerance:
0.01 mm
Product size131*96*92 mm
Quality control:100% thermal test
Extra process:Stamping+CNC MachiningProduct weight:1.5 kg
Product Advantage
Heat pipe cpu cooler

Custom Copper 6 Heat Pipe Cpu Cooler Cooling Heatsink System 

Heat pipes are capable of quickly increasing the application area of self cooling. Since a heat pipe cooling system does not need any fan, it generates no noise and it doesn’t require maintenance so it’s safe and reliable. Heat pipe air cooling or self cooling can even replace water cooling systems so as to reserve water resources and the investment on relevant auxiliary equipment. Moreover, the heat pipe cooling approach allows the heat-dissipating devices to be concentrated and even sealed. This allows the cooling parts to be relocated to the exterior or in the distance so as to enhance the safety, reliability, and application range of electronic equipment and realize the dust-proof, damp-proof, and explosion-proof requirements.

These heat pipe cpu cooler fins are welded, made of stamping material copper, and folded into a shape with interlocking slots.The heat pipe cooler fin can transfer high thermal energy and has more than 3000 different configurations. Larger surface area, more flexible design and more stable structure than extruded fins, allowing very high fin density and length-width ratio, thus increasing surface area and better cooling. 

Product Details

With as the core, this copper heat pipe cpu cooler , which is composed of heatsink fin and 6 heat pipe can solve the heat dissipation problem caused by narrow space or too concentrated heat.The key parts is heat pipe that is an efficient heat conduction device made by using the principle of low pressure liquid phase change. Its heat transfer efficiency is dozens to hundreds of times that of traditional metals, can quickly take heat away from the heat source.

6 heat pipe cpu cooler
Heat pipe cooler
Heat pipe cooling
Product Application

Applied to Computer Cpu, Aerospace,Cumputer cpu,Haulage motor,Solar energy,led.
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