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Liquid Cold Plate With Friction Stir Welding Process  LR0117

Liquid Cold Plate With Friction Stir Welding Process LR0117

Friction Stir Welded Cold Plate
Brand Name
Model Number
Place of Origin
Shenzhen, China (Mainland)
Paper carton with wooden pallet
Telecommunication, UPS, inverters, controllers, wind power converters, and SVG
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Shipped in 15days after payment
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1 year
Place of Origin:Shenzhen, China (Mainland)OEM:Yes
Process:Friction stir welding processTemper:T3-T8
Packing:Paper carton with wooden palletBrand Name:
Application:Cooling high-power devicesCertificate:ISO 9001:2008,ISO 14001:2004
Model Number:LR0116Tolerance:
0.05 mm
Fin thickness:0.25 --2 mm
Extra process:CNC MachiningSize:Custom size
Applied Field:Telecommunication, UPS, inverters, controllers, wind power converters, and SVG
Product Advantage

 Friction welding process is a solid - state welding method, Friction welding compared with traditional welding ,the biggest difference is in the whole welding process,  is to keep the increased temperature due to the energy obtained by the metal to be welded below its melting point. That is, the metal is welded under the solid state which is similar to forging under its thermoplastic state.

 As compared to conventional welding, friction welding has the advantages of higher-quality welded connections which meet the requirements of seam strength and base material strength, higher welding efficiency, stable quality, better consistency, and the realization of dissimilar metal welds.

 Using friction welding for liquid cold plate can resolve the technical bottleneck of joining two or more materials to form high-aspect-ratio ultra-wide products. Moreover, its tooling cost is lower with a short cycle time and higher stability. Based on the data that has been accumulated by our R&D team in the long run, Lori thermal has developed several standard materials and we keep enhancing the database of our standard materials so as to provide our clients with more joint solutions for selection.

Product Details

This High performance Liquid Cold Plate has been developed by Friction Stir Welding Porcess; The Copper pipe was embedded in the machined groove of aluminum base plate by using Friction Stir Welding , thermal performance of the Cold Plate is approximately 30% higher than that of the conventional Cold Plate fixed by bolts. Strong bonding between copper and aluminum was established by optimizing the  Friction Stir Welding conditions.

Friction Stir Welded Cold Plate base material is AL6061. The cold plate adopts aluminum profile, and the fin of aluminum profile is used as the fin in the flow passage to form a whole after welding, and the heat dissipation results of both sides. Both heat dissipation efficiency and space saving are very effective.

Friction Stir Welded Cold Plate for IGBT,TEC and other areas with high power and high density, this is a good design choice. Through friction welding, a larger runner with the same thickness can be achieved than the buried copper pipe, and further reduce the thermal resistance. Especially in dealing with complex flow channels and some of the high and low flow channel is more flexible.

As the overall material is basically the same after welding, more surface treatment methods can be selected, such as chromate, conductive oxidation, anode, nickel plating, etc. 

Friction Stir Welded Cold Plate
Friction Stir Welded Cold Plate
Friction Stir Welded Cold Plate
Production Process

Let us look at the following photes. In the photes, you can see the Friction welding process for larger heat sink .

friction stir welded heat sink

Two or more materials

friction stir welded heat sink

Join the materials by friction welding to form a larger cross section.

friction stir welded heat sink

Form the integrated appearance and uniform performance after machining.



Lori as a friction stir welded cold plate manufacturer, we also have passed ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, Rohs certification, so we have enough ability to provide  customer with high quality custom friction stir welded cold plate and Large-scale production capacity.


Product Application

Applied to Communication, UPS, inverter, controller, wind power converter, SVG telecommunication.

After Sales Instructions

 In order to ensure the best service to the customer , we have formulated this after-sales service system, the company solemnly to the users of after-sales service work to do the following commitment:

 1.Provide online technical support for customers, and provide consulting services on related issues

 2.From the date of spontaneous delivery, if there is any quality problem or quality objection to our company's customized products, please  contact with us in time. After checking and coordinating, we can return and replace the products in time.

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