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How Does Liquid Cold Plate Work?


The liquid cold plate heat sink refers to a heat dissipation method that dissipates heat through water or other liquids. The liquid cooling system consists of a liquid cold plate, a pump, a water pipe, a cooling liquid (generally distilled water or a special cooling liquid) and other components. The specific working principle is as follows:

1. Pump: The pump is the core of the entire water-cooled cooling system, which is driven by the motor to raise the water liquid. The pump draws the coolant from the tank and flows it along the water pipe.

2. Liquid cold plate: A liquid cold plate is usually composed of copper heat pipes, aluminum heat fin and heat dissipation fan. The heat sink absorbs the heat flowing through it, and the fan helps the heat dissipate naturally by forcing convection.

3. Water pipe: The water pipe connects the pump, heat sink and water tank to ensure that the coolant circulates throughout the system.

4. Cooling liquid: the cooling liquid can be distilled water or special cooling liquid. It has a high specific heat capacity and good thermal conductivity, and can quickly absorb and release heat.

Working process: When the computer or other electronic equipment generates heat, the heat dissipation liquid is drawn out of the water tank through the pump, and passes through the liquid cold plate to absorb the heat generated by the equipment. The fan then helps dissipate the heat through natural convection. The cooling liquid re-enters the water tank after cooling, and the cycle is repeated to achieve effective heat dissipation.

Compared with the traditional air-cooled heat dissipation method, liquid cold heat dissipation has higher heat dissipation efficiency and lower noise. The liquid cooling system effectively transfers heat away from the equipment, ensuring the stable operation of the equipment. At the same time, because cooling liquid has a high specific heat capacity and thermal conductivity, compared with air, it can absorb heat and dissipate heat more quickly, so liquid cooling heat dissipation is more efficient. In general, the liquid cooling method is widely used in high-performance computers, servers and other electronic devices that require a lot of heat dissipation.

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