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Liquid Cooling Skiving Heat Sink With Copper Tube

Liquid Cooling Skiving Heat Sink With Copper Tube

Liquid cooling heat sink
Brand Name
Model Number
Place of Origin
Shenzhen, China (Mainland)
Carton, Blister tray, Wooden pallet
Industrial IGBT cooling
T/T,L/C,Western Union,Paypal
Delivery Time
Shipped in 15days after payment
Quality Guarantee
1 year
Place of Origin:Shenzhen, China (Mainland)OEM:Yes
Process:Skiving,CNC machining,Epoxy BondingTemper:T3-T8
Material:Copper tube + Skiving heat sinkShape:Narrow
Packing:Standing Export Packing
Brand Name:
Application:Industrial IGBT coolingCertificate:ISO 9001:2008,ISO 14001:2004
Model Number:LR0020Tolerance:
0.01 mm
Finish:Clean+Anti-OxidantQuality control:100% thermal test
Extra process:CNC MachiningSize:Custom size
Applied Field:New energy automobile , UPS and energy storage system , large server, large pv inverter , SVG/SVC , etc
Product Advantage
Liquid cooling heat sink

Liquid Cooling Skiving Heat Sink With Copper Tube

The liquid cooling heat sink made using buried copper tupe epoxy bonding technology can effectively avoid the leakage risk of the infusion pipeline, and the liquid flow is large, the conduction heat resistance is low, and the double-sided device can be installed. we are providing you with the thermal design, structural design, pipework assembly design of liquid and liquid cooling heatsink and one-stop supplementary services.

Product Details

Welcome customers to custom all kinds of liquid cooling solution anliquid and liquid cooling heatsink.

for your liquid cooling heat sink. Lori can provide you different process liquid cooling heat sink. We are an expert on liquid cooling heat sink design and manufacturing and our liquid cooling heatsink

manufacturing process includes vacuum brazing, brazing, friction welding, cnc maching, etc.

Liquid cooling skiving heat sink
Liquid cooling heatsink
Skiving heatsink liquid cooling
Production Technique
Full buride pipe techique for liquid cooling heat sink

The copper pipe on this liquid cooling heatsink is used full buride pipe techique. let us introduce what is full buride pipe techique for liquid cooling heat sinks, please see the following introduction.

Full-buried-pipe technique: The filler is a type of highly conductive epoxy resin which is imported from the US. When the temperature difference between two sides of a device is not critical, the liquid cooled heatsink can be applied to either just one side or both sides of the device. Since the copper pipe thickness is not affected by any secondary machining and the application safety is ensured due to the protection of the filler, this technique is especially suitable for liquid cooled heat sink applications which use refrigerant as the medium of  liquid cooling heat sink .

The techniques for the liquid cooling heat sink include the exposed pipe technique, half buried pipe techniques, sandwiched pipe technique.


 Meanwhile, Lori as a liquid cooling heatsink manufacturer, we also have passed ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, Rohs certification, have enough ability to provide customer with high quality custom liquid cooling heat sink products  and Large-scale production capacity.

Product Application

1. Liquid cooling heatsink for high power rectifier (unique integral structure, strong and durable).

2. IGBT, IPM, Square semiconductor liquid cooling heat sink  (good temperature uniformity, long life design)

3. Liquid cooling heatsink  for high power fiber laser, Electric Automobile, Optical communication,  Military transmitter, Industrial IGBT cooling, Etc.

4. Friction stir welding use for liquid cooling heat sink , Frequency converter, laser, power industry, New energy automobile industry, electric housing, Motor controller, Etc.

Applied to New energy automobile , UPS and energy storage system , large server, large pv inverter , SVG/SVC , etc.

After Sales Instructions

 In order to ensure the best service to the customer , we have formulated this after-sales service system, the company solemnly to the users of after-sales service work to do the following commitment:

 1.Provide online technical support for customers, and provide consulting services on related issues

 2.From the date of spontaneous delivery, if there is any quality problem or quality objection to our company's customized products, please  contact with us in time. After checking and coordinating, we can return and replace the products in time.

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