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Application of water cooling in intelligent hardware system


People have been asking, what are the hot industries of the future? I believe most people can name the industry of artificial intelligence.The future of artificial intelligence is so bright that it is bound to be the next frontier for competition. And the inevitable lack of support for artificial intelligence, intelligent hardware.

As smart phones enter the "red sea industry", Internet and hardware manufacturers are laying out the next generation of smart hardware products. After all, experienced the smart phone this tuyere big factory, tasted hot style products can bring huge profits, and missed the smart phone this tuyere big factory, never want to miss again. So, from 2014 to now, there is a very diverse range of smart hardware products on the market.

As for Smart Home, cross-border sellers are no strangers. We may not only be sellers in the industry, but also consumers of Smart Home devices.When we mention this market, smart speaker, smart bulb, smart socket, smart security, smart door lock, gateway...All kinds of devices come to mind, this is a very smart and very broad market!

At present, smart audio, VR and smart watches have been used on a large scale. In fact, in the future, all the appliances around us will be controlled by intelligent systems.Global spending on smart homes, including devices, systems and services, will total nearly $96 billion in 2018 and grow at a 10 percent compound annual rate over the next five years (2018-2023), rising to $155 billion by 2023.

We are more familiar with the projector heat, copper and aluminum heat sink and fan to solve.We also often feel that the projector fan will be high speed rotation, bring more noise.Especially long time use is the most obvious, but also easy to start protection because of high temperature, shut down or restart.Moreover, the projector is sensitive to dust and cannot be exposed to the outside for a long time.The same is true of power amplifier systems.

So is there a good solution?At present, water cooling solution is a more appropriate method.Water cooling makes full use of the characteristics of large specific heat capacity of water, full heat absorption and rapid cooling.Water cooling system, quiet operation, but also can ensure long time and high load work.While there are also high costs, maintenance is a little more complicated than that.In general, the advantages of such a solution outweigh the disadvantages, and it is suitable for long-term and batch promotion.

From the perspective of cooling technology, water-cooling cooling is also a new trend. In the era of high-power equipment, other cooling technologies have been unable to fully meet the need for new cooling technology.And water cooling cooling is in line with such demand, so Lori team think water cooling cooling long - term value.

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