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High Multiple Heat Sink Doesn’t Break


Lori often receive some customers with requirement of custom heatsink. The heat sink ordered by these customers has higher processing requirements. The fins are thin and long, which will easily be deformed or fractured if the processing is not good. So customers complain about this kind of problem, and they will insure the quality of the heat sink manufacturers. Is there no other reason besides the problem of processing technology?

When talking about this problem, a mould maker in Lori who have almost 10 years experience, he firmly said that a big neglect is the material problem. Whether it's the material of the die or the material of the aluminium bar, it's the most important.

The steel of the die is not easy to crack and deform the mould embryo during the extrusion process, thus affecting the quality of the whole process. The poor quality of aluminium bar will directly lead to the appearance of sand holes and broken fin on the surface of products in the post-processing process.The quality of aluminium bars on the market is worrysome. The only way to guarantee the material quality is to provide the material report.


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