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Introduction to friction stir welding process for liquid cooling plate_LORI technology


Friction stir welding process is adopted for water cold plate, so as to make waterway design more free and seal reliability better. At the same time, hard anode surface treatment can be adopted.

Friction stir welding heat sink (FSW) is a solid phase bonding method under the action of mechanical force and friction heat. Friction stir welding process, a special convex shoulder and needle bar with the mixing head spinning slowly insert by welding, friction between the head and stir welding material shear resistance produced friction heat, the mixing head adjacent area of thermoplastic materials (welding temperature does not generally at and above the melting point of welding material), when the mixing head spin move forward, plasticizing of hot metal materials from the forefront of stir head backwards down the transfer, and the mixing head shoulder and workpiece surface friction heat and forging production, forming dense solid phase coupling.

Technical features:

1.There is no weld hole defect, no element burning loss and no thermal crack in the welding seam, which always ensures high reliability of no leakage;

2.Segregation of elements and tissues in the absence of solidification, anisotropy of microstructure in the welding area, and no weld residual height;

3.The welding process is simple and belongs to the solder type without adding flux: no wire filling, no groove opening, no pre-welding treatment and no protective gas;

4.Environmental protection in processing process, no light and air pollution;

5.welding area shrinkage, small deformation;

6.Due to the high equipment cost, the current processing cost is relatively high, and the skilled degree of technical workers is required to be high.

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