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Led Aluminum Sunflower Heat Sink For LED Street Light


As an important part of urban lighting, LED light has the advantages of low cost, stable luminescence, energy saving and environmental protection, and it is favored by the government and society. With the rapid growth of China's economy and the acceleration of urbanization process, more and more places will be built with aluminum sunflower heat sink for LED street light. In order to speed up the construction of new countryside, the country is gradually improving rural lighting situation and popularizing led heat sink in LED light.

It can be seen that the LED light with sunflower aluminum heat sink is still facing great demand in the future, and the high-quality and durable street light can ensure the continuous lighting, and ensure the trust and love of users. The big problem faced by the LED light in the use process is heat dissipation, because the street light will be on all night, the heat generated by long time of work can not be underestimated, especially in summer , once the heat dissipation can not be stabilized in time, it will burn out.

LED light with sunflower aluminum heat sink

As a professional high power cooling solution service provider and heat sink manufaturer, Lori committed to producing reliable and durable led heat sink for LED light, providing high efficiency and stable heat dissipation for LED light, and helping the safe and lasting lighting of LED light .

This led heat sink uses aluminium 6063, high purity, no impurities, thermal conductivity of 155-160. It not only has beautiful appearance, light weight, but also strong heat dissipation capacity, very suitable for matching with sunflower aluminum heat sink for LED light.

led heat sink

Compared with the low-cost plastic shell, it is more environmentally friendly. The plastic shell is not easy to heat, and it is easy to melt and sublimate to produce harmful gases at high temperature, which makes it not suitable for indoor use with relatively non-flowing air. Therefore, led heat sink can be used for heat dissipation of street light to ensure that rust is not corroded in humid weather in rainy days, and that heat dissipation is stable in high temperature in summer.


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