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New design heat pipe heat sink, no interference with expansion


As is known to all, M.2 SSDS will drop speed due to high temperature, which will affect the performance. For this, Lori board card manufacturer and  radiator manufacturer roll out radiating piece to alleviate in succession, deal with nevertheless long time full load still needs stronger radiating ability to go.The m. 2 SSD radiator with heat ducts, effectively dissipates heat from the m. 2 SSD. Although there is no active fan, the heat dissipation can be enhanced through the chassis duct.

This heat sink can be quickly installed and disassembled, with its own thick heat sink fin and 6mm heat pipe, which can be easily fixed with the M.2 SSD by fixing both sides. In order to prevent the installation of heat sinks blocking the graphics card or other expansion card, the heat pipe and the top heat sink fin can be adjusted in any direction without worrying about causing incompatible interference problems.

In terms of specifications, the three-circumference size W26.3 * D72 * H57mm, weight 56g, a total of 38 fin fin heat dissipation, fin thickness 0.4mm, spacing 2.4mm, equipped with large heat sinks,heat pipes and a diameter of 6mm non-nickel plated heat pipe, can deal with 12W TDP waste heat, for M.2 SSD generally does not exceed 8W power consumption, this heat dissipation is enough to ensure that M.2 cool.

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