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Skived Fin Heat Sink Factory Work Shop

Lori is  the the pioneer of professional skived fin heat sink factory in the world ,Self-developed new mechanical equipment, The tolerance ±0.02 mm, heat dissipation increased 10 to 30%. Ten years heat sink production and custom and standard heat sink experience. We have excellent skived fin production equipment, reliable quality, quality assurance, is a good faith skived fin heat sink manufacturers, welcome to consult and negotiate.

Our skived fin heat sink factory has a professional engineering team, can provide you with the rapid prototyping, quick quotation, mass production services, equipped with advanced skived fin production equipment and professional production staff, production process quality control by our quality department, every procedure, testing, testing qualified will be on the next working procedure, ensure the quality and production efficiency. Therefore, we are also a heatsink factory with large production capacity.

Lori skived heat sink can be  manufactured by different material, such as copper and aluminum, according to different material, our skived heatsink factory have different names, so can be divided into 

copper skived fin heat sink factory and aluminum skived fin heat sink factory


Skived fin heat sink processing vedio

skived fin technologe

As a skived fin heat sink factory, Lori adopts precision skived fin process manufacturing heatsink. Because skived fin technology is used the whole cutting forming, heat collection being one piece with the heat dissipation base plate, which makes the heat directly from the endothermic base plate to heat collection efficient transmission. 

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