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Stamping Heat Sink Factory Workshop

Lori is one of the world's most professional stamping heat sink factory with more than 10 years of experience who can provide you with custom stamping heat sink solutions and comprehensive standard stamping heat sink. We have excellent production equipment, reliable quality, quality assurance, is a good faith stamping heat sink manufacturers, welcome to consult and negotiate.

Our stamping heat sink factory have 10 sets high pressure stamping machines, our Stamping machine are most use for stamping fin heat sink, such as, zipper fin heat sink, heat pipe heat sink, Cpu heat sink etc, the fins of these heat sinks are stamped, which is manufactured during the stamping process to create interlocking fins by using stamping mold, so we also called stamped fin heatsink.The stamped fin heat sink has the advantages of producing high efficiency, high aspect ratio, and is a good choice for mass production.

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