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What if the server workstation is very hot?


A server,is a device that provides computing services.Because the server needs to respond to service requests and process them, the server should generally be able to assume the services and guarantee the services.

The composition of the server includes processor, hard disk, memory, system bus, etc., similar to the general computer architecture, but due to the need to provide highly reliable services, so in processing power, stability, reliability, security, scalability, manageability and other aspects of higher requirements.

In the IT Internet era, the exchange of electronic information is very important to the server. Whether the server can respond positively is mainly reflected in the user experience of the customer.We often see in the news, a large website or APP due to a large number of users visit the news caused server crash, this is the server in the electronic information age plays an important role.

Since the server is important, it is very important to structure the server platform well and ensure that the server runs normally and efficiently.Most servers have at least two or more than a dozen processors working at the same time.And common computer is 1 processor basically, the quantity of heat of 1 processor still lets user come loose heat problem sometimes, not to mention the quantity of heat of a few 10, even dozens, hundreds of servers can be imagined.Therefore, the cooling of the server is very critical. However, heat pipe cooling and air cooling cannot meet the cooling requirements.

At present, the cooling of servers is mostly in the mode of indoor cooling and air cooling, which can meet the requirements in winter or cold areas.In summer or hot weather, the problem of cooling can be very difficult.There is a way of cooling servers with oil in foreign countries. This way can achieve silence and cooling, but the cost is not low, and the risk coefficient is high, which is not suitable for large-scale promotion.

Water cooling solution is tailored for the server.Since water-cooled cooling has been very successful on ordinary computers, it is also appropriate to apply it directly to servers.Lori can customize water cooling plate and cold head in batch, with water pump and integrated waterway, which can effectively reduce the temperature and keep the cost under control.Suitable for enterprise server to do the systems solutions.

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