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When is Vacuum Brazing Used?


1. What is vacuum brazing and why is it used to connect parts?

Vacuum brazing is one of the methods of joining two or more parts together to form a high-strength connection.

Brazing is to place the solder into a part to be welded, melt the solder through high temperature, and produce capillary effect between the molten liquid solder and the part surface to achieve the effect of mutual bonding. The vacuum brazing technology is to place the part in a vacuum environment for brazing.

At present, the common vacuum brazing vessel is the vacuum furnace, which obtains the vacuum environment by using a multistage pump group, that is, the vacuum chamber. The cavity can be made of high purity quartz tube or all metal.

2. Under what circumstances do you choose vacuum brazing?

According to the user's requirements for the product can be divided into three categories.

The first type: there can be no oxidation of products after welding, such as medical, aerospace, precision parts and so on.

The second type: products requiring high strength and long service life, such as diamond tools, PDC oil drills and tools made of various superhard materials.

As mentioned earlier, the part is brazed in a vacuum environment, the whole brazing process is no oxidation, the part will not produce excessive stress in the brazing process, thus ensuring the strength of the product.

The third type: products with high air tightness requirements, or relatively thin products, welding of various metals and non-metals. For example, copper liquid cold plate, ultra-thin aluminum liquid cold plate, row tube heat exchanger and other multi-point brazing.

Copper liquid cold plate, ultra-thin aluminum liquid cold plate, stainless steel heat exchanger, flow channel products have high requirements for air tightness, and the connection position of vacuum brazing has no porosity and no defects, so as to ensure the air tightness of the product. At the same time, vacuum brazing can be applied to the welding of multi-point and complex structural parts.

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