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Aluminum heat sink experts tell you the cooling methods


Our common heat sink is aluminum heat sink, in addition to the aluminum heat sink, there are many different categories of heat sink, such as: skiving fin heat sinks, friction welding heat sink , Liquid cooled plate and so on. The way to take heat away from the heat sink can be divided into active heat sink and passive heat sink.

According to the aluminum heat sink expert introduction, the so-called passive cooling, refers to through the heat sink, heat sink heat source as natural heat to air, heat dissipation effect is affected by the heat sink size large, often used to  heat sink small parts. The active heat dissipation is to force the heat away from the heat sink through fan, water cooling channel and other heat dissipation equipment, which has the advantages of high heat dissipation efficiency and small volume.

Aluminum heat sink experts say active cooling and then to segment can be divided into water cooling, surface cooling, heat pipe cooling, semiconductor refrigeration, chemical, refrigeration, etc., and different ways have different characteristics and effect, the need to heat environment and conditions and different cooling method.

Air cooling heat dissipation

Air cooling is the use of a fan to remove heat from the heat sink.It is the way that USES aluminium profile heat sink + fan to combine commonly, have the advantage such as price relatively low, installation is convenient. However, there is a high dependence on the environment. For example, if the temperature is too high, the effect will be reduced and some noise will be generated.

Liquid cooling heat dissipation

Liquid cooling heat dissipation is the forced circulation of liquid under the drive of pump, which takes away the heat from water cooling board. However, the price of liquid cooling is relatively high, and installation is also relatively troublesome.For the consideration of cost and usability, the liquid cooling heat dissipation usually USES pure water as the heat conducting liquid, so the liquid cooling heat sink is also called water cooling heat sink, or water cooling plate.

Heat pipe heat dissipation

In general, the use way of heat pipe will combined with aluminum heat sink, heat pipe is a kind of heat transfer element, it makes full use of the heat transfer principle and rapid heat transfer properties of cooling medium, through the liquid evaporation and condensation in the vacuum tube to transmit heat, high thermal conductivity, excellent isothermal property, heat transfer area on either side of the hot and cold can be arbitrary change, which can be heat transfer and temperature can be controlled at and a series of advantages, and composed of a heat pipe heat exchanger has high heat transfer efficiency, compact structure, and the advantages of small fluid resistance loss, its abilities of thermal conductivity of thermal conductivity of other known metal dozens of times,It is used in components with high heat and hot spots.

Above the cooling mode and the corresponding heat sink products, are often provide for the customer, he attributes heat used to product names can have aluminum heat sink, relieving heat sinks, friction welding, water cooled heat sink heat sink, etc., can also use a variety of cooling ways combined with design for special components for heat dissipation.

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