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Aluminum heatsink experts tell you why most of the heatsinks are copper and aluminum


Generally air cooled heat sink can choose the material of metal as a heatsink, when we choose materials for heat sink, depending on the ratio of heat and high heat transfer coefficient to evaluate, the previous article we have introduced, silver and copper is one of the best thermal conductive materials, followed by gold and aluminum. But gold and silver are seldom applied in the production of the heatsink cost because they are too expensive, it can be seen that cost is the heatsink production are important factors to consider, the copper and aluminum cost is much lower, heat sinks are formed mainly by aluminum and copper.

Include aluminum alloy, aluminum and copper and aluminium is not perfect, copper and aluminum alloy have their advantages and disadvantages: the thermal conductivity of copper is good, but the price is more expensive, the processing difficulty is higher, the weight is too big, and copper heatsink heat capacity is small, and easy to oxidation.And pure aluminium is relatively soft does not have bearing ability, so the use of aluminum alloy is more, the proportion of aluminum alloy can provide sufficient rigidity, has the advantage of low price, light weight, but the thermal conductivity will be far worse than copper. The following aluminum profile heatsink experts for you to introduce the characteristics of different materials of the heatsink pieces:

Pure aluminium heatsink

Pure aluminum heatsink is more common, the manufacturing process is relatively simple and easy, the cost is low, because pure aluminum heat conduction performance is better, pure aluminum heatsink occupies more market share.Pure aluminium heatsink increase Fin is used to increase the cooling area, pure aluminum heatsink, the common methods for machining aluminum extrusion technology, pure aluminum heatsink thermal performance parameters of the main indicators is the thickness of the heat sink base and the Pin - Fin ratio.Pin refers to the height of Fin of heatsink Fin, and Fin refers to the distance between two adjacent fins.The pin-fin ratio is divided by the height of Pin (excluding the thickness of base) by the Fin. The greater the pin-fin ratio means the greater the effective heat dissipation area of the heatsink, indicating the more advanced aluminum extrusion technology.Aluminum heatsink experts said that there are more advanced production processes, such as wenxuan thermal shoveling technology, which can achieve higher pin-fin ratio and better heat dissipation performance.

Pure copper heatsink

As can be seen from the last article, the heat conduction coefficient of copper is 1.69 times that of aluminum, so under the same conditions, pure copper heatsink can take heat away from the heat source faster.In the classification of copper, copper containing more than 99% of copper is called anoxic copper, and copper containing less than 85% of copper in the next grade, followed by brass.Most copper heatsink is adopted on the market of copper, copper also have significant drawbacks, high cost, difficult processing, heatsink weight is too big, have hindered the application of the copper heat sink.

Copper - aluminium combined heatsink

Of copper and aluminium are two materials that their own shortcomings, part of the thermal design engineer recommends to copper and aluminum, some high-end heatsink often adopts copper aluminum manufacturing process, these usually have the heat sink copper metal base, aluminum alloy and heat dissipation fin is adopted.In addition to the copper bottom plate, there is also a way to add the heatsink fin to the copper column. In addition, the copper heat pipe can be embedded into the aluminum heatsink bottom plate.A variety of different copper-aluminum combination methods, for the choice of heatsink material and technology to provide more choices, for different heat dissipation function of the product requirements, is also a benefit.Aluminum heatsink experts said that in the future there will be more ways to combine copper and aluminum, especially the improvement of welding technology, copper and aluminum welding will become more and more mature.

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