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The technology introduction of water cooling plate in server water cooling system


Server is used for data processing of the key machine, importance is undoubtedly important for enterprises, especially large enterprises involved in financial, transportation, data processing, etc, water pipes factory technical staff said stability directly affect the enterprise's service ability, so to ensure that the server is stable and reliable is the key of the companies.

Server, also called server is to provide the services as well as data processing equipment, in general the server should have the ability to bear the service and security service, the composition of the server including CPU, hard disk, memory, the system bus, etc., and general computer architecture, water pipes, experts say due to server needs to provide highly reliable services, so the processing power, stability, reliability, security, scalability, and manageability, etc, the demand is higher. There are many factors that can affect server performance, good heat dissipation performance of a great influence on the stability of the server, with the development of cooling technology, service heat from air to water cooled slowly cooling water pipes under the experts to introduce the water in the water cooling system are located under the server process.

The technology of buried copper pipe of aluminum plate, also known as pressure tube type water cooling plate, is a kind of water cooling plate that USES the combination of copper tube and aluminum substrate for heat dissipation. This kind of technology is relatively mature, suitable for mass production, low thermal resistance, the whole pipeline can be designed without soldering point, thus high reliability.

Friction welding process of water cooled + line, USES the friction welding process JiaGongShui cold plate, internal flow design is relatively complex, using CNC machining waterway, first add cover plate welded by friction welding process.This technology is relatively mature, the cooling effect is good, if the cooling power is bigger, way cannot satisfy the premise of buried pipes in this way, the water pipes external connected by welding or fast connection-peg manner.Generally speaking, reliability is better.

Vacuum brazing water cooling plate, this kind of technology is relatively complex, it is also used CNC to process the internal water channel of the water cooling plate well, and then the vacuum brazing method is used to weld it with the plate cover.This kind of welding method can achieve the water cooled split design, can be used for double heat source of heat, but the higher requirements for the welding process, the production efficiency is relatively low, the cost of production is high, generally used in the welding of more advanced products.

Fitting seal structure process, is also the water pipes with CN bottom channel processing good, then screw the lid and the bottom + fitting in the form of sealing ring of this way processing is relatively simple, but the precision and reliability is not high, suitable for cooling products in the company's request is not high.

Generally, the water cooling plate manufacturer will recommend the first process to make the water cooling heat dissipation plate of the server. The technology is mature, easy to implement and high reliability.The reliability of the water cooling system will directly affect the reliability of the server. Therefore, before designing the water cooling board of the server, it is necessary to determine which cooling processing technology is adopted according to the heat dissipation needs.

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