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CNC Aluminum Alloy Electronic Heat Sink Advantages


With the development of miniaturization and precision of electronic products, the application of aluminum alloy electronic heat sink can be described as hot. With the increasing application range of CNC aluminum alloy electronic heat sinks, the quality and efficiency of CNC machining of heat sinks are also becoming higher and higher. Improving the CNC machining quality and efficiency of aluminum alloy electronic heat sink has become a hot spot in the CNC machining industry.


In recent years, with the rapid development of aluminum alloy electronic heat sink processing industry scale and production technology, a large number of new aluminum alloy materials and processing technologies suitable for heat sinks with various properties and functions, different varieties and uses have been developed. Aluminum alloy heat sink processing technology continues to push new, to energy saving, environmental protection, safety, high efficiency, high quality, high-end direction.

Aluminum alloy heat sink, although slightly less than copper in terms of heat dissipation performance, but the heat dissipation coefficient can fully meet the needs of electronic products for heat dissipation, coupled with light weight, easy processing, beautiful appearance, affordable demand for its flock.

 CNC heat sink

Compared with other materials, aluminum heat sink has obvious advantages in energy saving, material saving, decoration, price, weight, etc., which is the main reason for its increasingly wide range of applications.

The efficient thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy is the determinant of maintaining good heat dissipation function and the ideal medium for heat energy conversion. It is characterized by less time, fast heating and high efficiency. Lightweight and simple, simple processing. The same specifications of the heat sink, the weight of aluminum alloy is much lighter than that of steel heat sink.


In a variety of heat sinks, the aluminum alloy heat sink is relatively light, easy to handle and install, at the same time, it has good thermal conductivity, large heat dissipation, fast heat dissipation, high metal heat intensity, novel and beautiful appearance, and strong decoration. Since aluminum oxide is an ideal protective film after oxidation, it can avoid further oxidation, so it is not afraid of oxidative corrosion. In addition, the price is moderate, so it is very popular with users.

Aluminum alloy heat sink has good thermal conductivity, high pressure resistance and high metal thermal strength. The biggest feature of the aluminum alloy heat sink is that the heat is large, the heat dissipation is fast, the efficiency is, the appearance of electrostatic spray, beautiful color, good decoration. Production does not pollute the environment, does not pollute the water quality. The heat dissipation intensity is 4 times that of the casting Angle. Light weight is 1/10 of cast iron. Beautiful appearance, and occupy small space, environmental protection and energy saving.

Aluminum alloy heat sink

In terms of production and processing, aluminum alloy is an ideal material for processing and producing heat sinks. Whether it is in energy saving, material saving, decoration, or in price, weight and other aspects are advantageous. Copper aluminum, steel aluminum, stainless steel aluminum and aluminum composite products contain aluminum components. From the bending Angle, aluminum is not as good as steel pipe, but the heat dissipation of steel pipe is far inferior to aluminum. In terms of anti-corrosion technology, the steel process is much more complex. Steel needs to be phosphating before anti-corrosion, the process is complicated, and aluminum alloy is oxidation anti-corrosion or direct anti-corrosion. In general, aluminum heat sinks are superior to other materials in all aspects.

Lori is a long-term engaged in CNC machining of various aluminum alloy parts, with 10 years of CNC aluminum alloy electronic heat sink processing experience, strong technical force, advanced processing equipment, has provided many corporate customers with high-quality CNC machining of aluminum alloy electronic heat sink customized services.

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