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Do you know the inside story? In-depth analysis of the working principle of heat pipe heat sink


In order to solve the problem of high calorific value, it may be said that computer heat sink changes with each passing day in recent years. Heat pipe, liquid cooling plate metal, reflow welding, wire cutting and other high-tech materials applications and comparable crafts manufacturing process, are now reflected in the computer heat sink. 

Among them, the application of heat pipe has become one of pronoun of radiator of high performance nowadays more. Heat pipe is a passive heat transfer element with high thermal conductivity. Heat pipe USES the principle of phase transition and capillary action, so that its own heat transfer efficiency than the same material of pure copper hundreds of times to thousands of times higher. Heat pipe is a vacuum copper pipe, which is filled with the working liquid is the medium of heat transfer. In the field of electronic cooling, the most typical working liquid is pure water. Heat pipes made of cylindrical copper heat sink & tubes are the most common. The heat pipe wall has a liquid suction core structure. Depending on the capillary force generated by the liquid suction core, the condensed liquid is returned from the condensation end to the evaporation end.

Since the heat pipe is vacuumized and the liquid is injected before sealing, the pressure inside the heat pipe is determined by the steam pressure after the working liquid evaporates. As long as the surface of the heat pipe is heated, the working liquid will evaporate.The temperature and pressure of the steam at the evaporating end are slightly higher than those at the other parts of the heat pipe, so a pressure difference is created in the heat pipe, causing the steam to flow and end to the heat pipe cooler. When the steam condenses on the wall of the heat pipe, it gives off the latent heat of vaporization and transfers the heat to the condensation end.The heat pipe's wick structure then condenses the liquid back to the evaporating end.So as long as we have a reservoir, we're going to go through this cycle.

The series of heat pipes are various, most common used and customized are made of aluminum material, such as liquid cold plate and friction stir welding heat sink. If you want to know more knowledge of heat pipe, welcom to lorithermal official: http://www.lorithermal.com/

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