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Heat Pipe Heat Sink Factory

Lori is one of the world's most professional heat pipe heat sink factory with more than 10 years of experience who can provide you with custom heat pipe heat sink solutions and comprehensive standard heat sink. Also we are copper heat pipes heat sink factory or copper pipe heat sink factory. We have excellent heat pipe production equipment, reliable quality, quality assurance, is a good faith heat pipe heat sink manufacturers, welcome to consult and negotiate.

Our heat pipe heat sink factory has a professional engineering team, can provide you heat pipe heat sink with rapid prototyping, quotation, mass production services, equipped with advanced  heat pipe heat sink production equipment and professional production staff, production process quality control, testing every procedure,  testing qualified will be on the next working procedure, ensure the product quality and production efficiency. Therefore, we are also a heat pipe heatsink factory with large production capacity.

Heat pipe manufactring vedio 

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This vedio is about the heat pipe manufacturing in our heat pipe hea sink factory

The three main components of the heat pipe are the shell, the core and the working medium. In the design process, the shell and the core of the tube material reasonable selection can be started to manufacture. Usually the heat pipe manufacturing process includes the following process operations, and according to certain procedures.

These processes included mechanical processing, tube core production, welding, degassing, leak detection, leak detection, filling, baking, sealing, inspection.


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