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Heat Pipe Heat Sink Module With Stamping Fin

Heat Pipe Heat Sink Module With Stamping Fin

Heat Pipe Heat Sink
Brand Name
Model Number
Place of Origin
Shenzhen, China (Mainland)
Paper carton with wooden pallet
Telecommunication, UPS, inverters, controllers, wind power converters, and SVG
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Delivery Time
Shipped in 15days after payment
Quality Guarantee
1 year
Place of Origin:Shenzhen, China (Mainland)OEM:Yes
Material:Aluminum zipper fin+ heat pipeShape:Square
Packing:Paper carton with wooden palletBrand Name:
Application: Computer, led
Certificate:ISO 9001:2015,ISO 14001:2015
Model Number:LR0123Tolerance:
0.01 mm
Finish:Chemical nickel platingQuality control:100% thermal test
Extra process:CNC MachiningSize:290x150x90mm
Applied Field:Aerospace,Cumputer cpu,Haulage motor,Solar energy,led
Product cooling principle
Heat pipe heat sink

Heat pipe heat sink cooling principle:

Heat pipe heat sink, heat pipe is a kind of heat conducting element which relies on the phase change of internal working medium for efficient heat transfer, the temperature uniformity of the heat sink base and the efficiency of fin are realized by embedding fin in the heat sink base, so as to realize the overall performance of heat sink, common types of aluminum, copper soldering for heat sink has been can not meet the requirement of the thermal resistance, need to use new heat sink with better performance.

The heat pipe heat sink is composed of sealing tube, suction core and steam channel.The suction core is surrounded on the wall of the sealed tube and impregnated with saturated volatile liquid.The liquid can be distilled water, ammonia, methanol or acetone.The heat pipe heat sink filled with liquid such as ammonia, methanol and acetone still has good heat dissipation ability at low temperature.

When the heat pipe heat sink is running, its evaporation section absorbs the heat generated by the heat source (power semiconductor device, etc.), making the liquid in its wick boil to steam.The heated steam moves from the evaporating section of the heat pipe radiator to its cooling section, where it condenses into a liquid.The condensed liquid is then returned to the evaporation section through the capillary action of the suction core on the wall, so as to repeat the above cycle process of continuous heat dissipation.

Product Details

With heat pipe as the core, heat pipe heat sink, which is composed of heat pipe, zipper fin and copper plate,and can solve the heat dissipation problem caused by narrow space or too concentrated heat. The zipper fin, made of stamping material aluminum, and folded into a shape with interlocking slots.The zipper fin can transfer high thermal energy and has more than 3000 different configurations. Larger surface area, more flexible design and more stable structure than extruded fins, allowing very high fin density and length-width ratio, thus increasing surface area and better cooling. Zipper fins also increase design flexibility, especially for pipes that integrate heat pipes, fans, or blowers.

heat pipe heat sink
heatpipe heatsink
Heatsink with heatpipe
Product Application
Applied to Communication, UPS, inverter, controller, wind power converter, SVG telecommunication.
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