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LORI Only Makes Heat Sink ?


If you wonder that LORI only makes heat sink, No! We are an excellent heat sink manufacturer of cooling components and resource integration. One-stop shopping for perfect aluminum heat sink, please choose LORI.

Attached are two kinds of silicone grease adhesives, one is for CPU core and the other is for sticky white thermal conductive silicone paste. When dealing with the display storage and power supply Mosfet, we first need to use white silicone grease.

All display memory, core power supply Mosfet and display memory power supply Mosfet must be glued to the heat sink.

CPU back four-hand screw can be installed heat sink, product body installation process and simple.

LORI is a professional heat sink supplier. We have 3 series of copper heat sink production, such as CPU heat sink, large led heatsink and aluminium cold plate. If you want to get the most suitable heat sink or custom heatsink serviceplease contact and give us a priority.

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