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High Density Aluminum Heatsink


The manufacturing method of heat dissipation device of charger:

Charging electric vehicles with chargers is a conventional way to cope with the electric energy supply of electric vehicles, and the quality of chargers directly determines the performance of electric vehicles. Therefore, the industry usually equips chargers with a heat sink to assist heat dissipation to improve the performance of chargers. However, the existing electric vehicle chargers usually use large heat sinks with high-speed fans for heat dissipation or even use multiple fans to deal with the heat problem of high-power chargers, which results in the overall weight of the heat sink, so that is not easy to move. At the same time, the low radiation efficiency of the heat sink will affect the working performance of the charger. Therefore, further, improvement is needed.

The bonded heat sink was originally used riveting process, it will come loose. With the development of technology, epoxy resin bonding, brazing and tin soldering were used to improve the phenomenon of loosening and falling off, but it still could not achieve 100% heat dissipation performance of profiles. This problem has been solved by a new large scale skived fin technology from Lori thermal, which realizes high power and wide body while maintaining the original heat dissipation performance of profiles. Now it is gradually replacing the bonded fin technology. Under the same heat dissipation area and wind speed, the weight of the bonded fin is lighter than that of the aluminium extrusion under the conditions you provide, which is why products like laptop are used to the bonded fin heat sink. In addition, it should be emphasized that the heat dissipation effect of the heat sink is mainly determined by the heat dissipation area, not the weight. If you can imagine that under the same weight, the area of profile increases, of course, the heat dissipation effect is much better. So it should be two kinds of heat sinks with the same area, the same heat dissipation effect.

The utility model belongs to the technical field of heat sinks, and relates to a heat pipe heatsink, in particular to a heat pipe heatsink used in high power electronic heating elements (such as IGBT, thyristor, etc.).Heat pipe heatsink is widely used in power electronic technology because of its excellent heat dissipation performance. The inside of the heat pipe is vacuum pumped and filled with a suitable working medium. There is a  core on the wall of the heat pipe. One end is evaporation end and the other end is condensation end. When one end of the heat pipe is heated, the liquid in the capillary evaporates rapidly to the other end under a small pressure difference. The heat is released and re-condensed into liquid. The liquid flows back to the evaporating end along with the porous material by capillary force, so that the heat is transferred from one end of the heat pipe to the other end.

The electronic heat sink is a device to speed up the heat dissipation of the heating body. Inserted heat sink expands tubes with straight-tube pushing inflation machine, which makes the tube wall and liner of aluminium profiles plastic deformation. After the rebound, it is tightly combined, so that its surface is smooth, its dimension accuracy is high, and 100% leakproof can be achieved by inserting and assembling. Choosing the bonded heat sink also has great advantages that other heatsinks can't compare with.

1. There is no waste in the production process of the bonded heat sink, which reduces the waste of energy and saves a lot of manpower and energy.

2. In addition, the bonded heat sink does not need soldering in the assembly process and has no overheating effect on the surface of the bonded heat sink.

3. bonded heat sink does not have the bare leaky liner required for assembly. It has high overall strength and will not cause deformation and leakage due to inadvertent installation.

4. The radiation effect of the bonded heat sink is about 30% higher than that of traditional cast iron heat sink

5.  The quality of the insert bonded heat sink is much more stable than that of the traditional cast iron heat sink, and the cost-effective ratio is very reasonable.

6. There are many kinds and styles of the bonded heat sink, which can be matched with any interior decoration styles.

7.  Electrophoretic spraying and plastic spraying are used on the surface of the which has the characteristics of smooth and clean, no edges and corners, anti-knocking and pollution-free.

The fin is made of aluminium or copper plate and then combined with heat conducting paste or solder on the heat dissipation base with grooves. The characteristic of combined fins is that fins break through the original proportion restriction and have good heat dissipation effect, and different materials can be selected to make fins. The advantage of this process is that the fin slenderness ratio can be as high as 60 times, the heat dissipation effect is good, and fins can be made of different materials. Of course, the disadvantage is obvious, that is, there will be interface impedance problems when using heat conducting paste and solder joint to combine fins and base, which will affect heat dissipation. In order to improve these shortcomings, two new technologies are used in the field of fins.



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