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How to Solve the Heat Dissipation Problem of PV Equipment?


PV Inverter is the core equipment of the PV system. Its main function is to convert DC from the photovoltaic module into AC which meets the requirements of the power grid.

Inverter, as a power electronic device, is facing the challenge of temperature just like all electronic products. A survey report from the Air Force Avionics Research Project shows that 55% of all electronic failure cases are caused by temperature.

The internal electronic components of the inverters are also very sensitive to temperature. According to the 10-degree rule of reliability theory, every 10-degree rise in temperature from room temperature reduces the life of the inverters by half. Therefore, the heat dissipation design of the inverters is very important.

There are many kinds of heat sinks applied to different industries. The traditional ways of the thermal solution are passive heat sink and air-cooled heat sink. Passive heat dissipation is natural cooling. Natural cooling is often applied to low power devices and components with low-temperature control requirements and low heat flux density. Air cooling is mainly a method of forcing the airflow around the device by means of fans, so as to take away the heat emitted by the device. Air cooled heat sink can be applied in a wide range, but there are also problems such as excessive noise, dust accumulation and so on.

As for the problems of air-cooled heat dissipation, water cooled heat sink has been well solved. The efficiency of water cooling is higher than that of air cooling, and the core temperature is transferred to the outside or far away from the core so that the overall temperature of the core components can be guaranteed to decline without accumulating heat. Relatively airtight space makes the equipment free from dust. In addition, water cooled heat sinks have the characteristics of long life and stability. Later maintenance will not be too frequent.

Liquid Cold Plates is a major trend in the field of heat dissipation. Although it has the disadvantages of high cost and narrow coverage, with the development of production, more and more industries will accelerate the research and innovation of water cooled heat dissipation. So that more industries can use more excellent liquid cooled heatsink programs.

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