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LORI Teaches You How to Select the Right CPU Heat Sink


Today we will look at how to select the right CPU heat sink.

As we all know, high temperature is the enemy of integrated circuits. High temperature will not only lead to unstable system operation, service life is shortened, and some parts may even burn out.The heat that causes high temperatures does not come from outside the computer, but from inside the computer. The role of the heat sink is to absorb the heat and keep the temperature of the computer parts normal.heat sink type is very much, CPU, graphics card, motherboard chipset, chassis, power supply will need heat sink, and one of the most common contact is the CPU heat sink. Subdivided cooling methods, can be divided into air cooling, heat pipe, water cooling, semiconductor refrigeration, compressor refrigeration and so on.

CPU heat sink is one of the necessary accessories in the computer, and the performance of the system plays a very key role, in the market full of beautiful things in eyes heat sink is really dazzling, how to choose a suitable CUP heat sink? So let's move on.

At present, the mainstream CUP heat dissipation methods are mainly divided into two categories: liquid heat dissipation and air cooling heat dissipation.Liquid heat dissipation includes water cooling, oil cooling and so on, mainly water cooling, and air cooling heat dissipation is a kind of heat dissipation method that is common for people to insert a fan on a heat sink, which has the most types and is commonly used by people.

Water cooled heat sink

Water cooling USES liquid driven by the pump forced circulation to take away the heat of the heat sink, compared with air cooling has the advantages of quiet, stable cooling, small dependence on the environment and so on.The cooling performance of water cooling heat sink is directly proportional to the flow rate of cooling liquid (water or other liquid), and the flow rate of cooling liquid is related to the power of water pump in the refrigeration system.And the heat capacity of water is large, which makes the water cooling system has a good thermal load capacity.Equivalent to 5 times the air cooling system, resulting in a direct benefit of CPU operating temperature curve is very flat. For example, the system that USES air cooling heat sink will appear hot peak temperature in a short period of time when running the program with large CPU load, or it is possible to exceed the warning temperature of CPU, while the water cooling system will have much smaller thermal fluctuation due to its large heat capacity.

Consideration factors for water cooling heat sink

First of all, buckle, which is the most intuitive, the most impact on the use of experience, too complex buckle will affect the installation experience, which is also the first thing we should pay attention to when selecting one water cooling;The second is silence. Compared with traditional air cooling, water cooling is silent and effective.When the efficiency is equal, the silence of water cooling becomes particularly important.Finally, the internal structure, the internal structure directly affects the efficiency and service life of water cooling, integrated water cooling only saves the water tank, water cooling head and pump integration together.

Advantages of water cooling:

1.Faster heat conduction speed

2, no pressure on the motherboard, will not bend the motherboard

3. Relatively convenient installation and maintenance

Disadvantages of water cooling:

1.High requirements on the production process

2. High requirements for fan noise control

3. Serious homogeneity

Air-cooled heat sink

CPU heat sink from the way to heat, divided into aluminum dosage form heat sink, side blow heat sink, blow heat sink and so on.

CPU heat sink is divided according to heat pipe from low end to high end, can be divided into aluminum dosage form heat sink, 2 heat pipe heat sink, 3 heat pipe heat sink, 4 heat pipe heat sink, 6 heat pipe heat sink, 8 heat pipe heat sink and so on.

Consideration factors for choosing air-cooled heat sink

First of all, the heat dissipation capacity, the higher the TDP CPU heat output, the better the heat dissipation effect;Secondly, the reasonable heat sink size, some air-cooled heat sink will fall bending motherboard, file memory chips, heat sink is too high to close the chassis side plate cover;Finally, mute the noise. The lower the fan noise, the better.

Advantages of air-cooled heat sink:

1. A wide variety of types, applicable to all levels of players

2.The price is more reasonable

3.Technology maturity

Disadvantages of air-cooled heat sink:

1.Big weight

2.Volume height has certain requirements for chassis and motherboard

3.Installation is troublesome

Generally speaking, the cooling capacity of water cooling is much better than that of air cooling, but the price is more expensive.And the heat dissipation performance of integrated water cooling heat sink is equivalent to the top air cooling, similar to i7 5960x i7 6700k FX9590 with strong performance and a certain overfrequency capacity of CPU is obviously more suitable for water cooling heat sink.APU and so on air cooling is enough.Many low-power cpus can be easily held down with a few dollars' worth of air-cooled heat sinks, and you can save money on other accessories.

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