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Skiving Heatsink With Heatpipe

Skiving Heatsink With Heatpipe

Skiving Heatsink
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Shenzhen, China (Mainland)
Carton,EPE,wooden pallet.
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Place of Origin:Shenzhen, China (Mainland)OEM:Yes
Process:Skiving+ soldering+ CNC MachiningTemper:T3-T8
Material:Aluminum + Heat pipeShape:Square
Packing:Paper carton with wooden palletBrand Name:
Application:Cooling high-power devicesCertificate:ISO 9001:2008,ISO 14001:2004
Model Number:LR0167Tolerance:
0.05 mm
Finish:PassivationFin thickness:0.25 --2 mm
DesignCustom madeSize:200x159x59mm
Applied Field:Telecommunication, UPS, inverters, controllers, wind power converters, and SVG

Skiving heatsink Process parameter:

Materials: Copper (C11000) or Aluminum (6063)

Base thickness: 1~30 mm    Fin length: <550 mm    Fin height: <120 mm
Fin thickness: 0.1~2.0 mm    Fin gap: 0.2~6.5 mm    Product length: 3000 mm

Recommended fin height: <50 mm    

Recommended fin thickness: 0.3-0.6 mm 

Product Features

Skiving heatsink

Skiving heatsink with heatpipe featues and benifits as below

Skiving heatsink use a special sheet, with the dedicated chipping equipment(skiving precision cutting technology) to required chainrings, Ultra-small spacing, Multiple ultra-high heat sink body structure, heat sink efficiency is two times than traditional style due to the chainrings combined with base, and high purity materials.

1. Skiving heatsink technology leading the heat innovation innovation high density ,high thermal performance, high aspect ratio, excellent performance. 

2. Skiving heatsink soldering with heatpipe, it owned both the advantage of Al Material and heat pipe ---Good thermal  conductivity

3. Customized design size is 200*159*59mm, other customized size is accepted.

4. Factory price and Industrial high quality heat sink.

Skiving heatsink with heatpipe has heat stable, secure, reliable, and can effectively protect the heating elements extend its life.

The main products of skiving heatsink with heatpipe are: high power heat sink,  IGBT heatsink,  electronic components / chips / CPU cooler, different power levels to meet the cooling needs, to achieve the best cost-effective price.

Product Details

Skiving heatsink
Heatpipe heatsink
Production of skiving heatsink

Skiving heatsink: When passing through the machine, slabs are skived in a specific angle so as to form and bend the fins. With the repetitive cutting, it forms consistent gaps and structures and can be used for cooling high-power devices under air-cooled conditions. This process can enhance 8~15% of the cooling capacity as compared to the stitched fin process. Leading the heat innovation innovation high density ,high performance, high aspect ratio, excellent performance.

Skiving heatsink's  benifits: 

1. Integrated manufacturing, no welding and mold opening;  2. The thickness and spacing of fin can be made thinner and denser;  3. The thermal conductivity is superior to the traditional extrusion and bonded fin process.

Skiving heatsink heatsink technology

Product Applications

Skiving heat sink Application are:

Servers, workstation& Tower desktop solution, Power Supply, CPU, Telecommunication, Wireless Network, Security, Industrial, Power, New Energy, military, Laser, Aerospace, Automobile, Machinery, Medical, large inverter, Telecommunications transmitters devices.


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