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What is the Vapor Chamber?


Because heat pipe cooler is widely used, the process will be better known, but for the Vapor Chamber some engineers may not know, LORI provides technical support, the Vapor Chamber is mainly composed of the bottom plate (evaporation area), the top cover (condensation area), the capillarity structure inside the bottom plate and the top cover (providing capillary force for liquid reflux), the copper column and copper ring between the bottom plate and the top cover (providing liquid reflux from condensation area to evaporation area) and a small amount of working liquid.

Container under the working medium of low vacuum boiling occur easily, its working principle is the job of the airtight container after liquid absorption of heat and steam quickly, driven by steam pressure, steam flow condensation area, use medium heat transfer, phase change latent heat of when met external condensation of steam, after the release of heat into a liquid, by capillary structure will be back into the liquid evaporation area, thus circulation after the beginning of the whole process of heat transfer.

The vessel material of the superconducting Vapor Chamber is mainly anaerobic copper heat sink C1020, and the working medium can be water, methanol and acetone.The capillary structure can be copper powder sintering, copper wire mesh sintering.The shape of the superconducting Vapor Chamber can be flat or three-dimensional.


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